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Published: 19th November 2009
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Septoplasty in India

The septum is the piece of cartilage and bone that gives shape and support to the nose. If it's bent or irregular, it can cause difficulty breathing or make the nose appear crooked....

This surgery (septoplasty) can be performed for a variety of reasons : -

* To improve breathing. Septoplasty can be used to relieve nasal airway obstruction. The surgery can remove the malformed cartilage and bony portion of the septum, allowing normal airflow.

* As a secondary operation to a rhinoplasty (nose job). In this instance, a septoplasty is often performed to improve the airway or straighten a crooked nose....

How is a septoplasty done ?

In your pre-surgery consultation, your surgeon will examine your nasal airway and evaluate how air flows from each nostril in order to determine exactly how to handle your situation. Your allergies, medications, and health history will also be reviewed. It is helpful to bring your current medications with you. ...

How should I prepare for a septoplasty ?

You should allow one to two weeks in your schedule when you can be free of work and social commitments. Most patients are comfortable being out in public by two weeks after surgery. ...

We recommend having the following items available : -

* Gauze

* Container to hold water for cool compresses. DO NOT use ice packs.

* Button-down blouses or shirts which do not need to be pulled over your head...

What should I expect after a septoplasty ?

Your surgeon will give you a prescription painkiller and a list of post-operative instructions. It's extremely important to follow these instructions very carefully to make sure your nose heals properly. Your doctor might pack your nose with dressings...

What are the possible complications or side effects of a septoplasty ?

* As with any surgery, there is always a risk of infection. Your surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic as a precaution.

* You should expect some nasal drainage with a small amount of bleeding for the first few days after surgery...

When to call a doctor

* Fever

* Excessive bleeding

* Difficulty breathing...

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